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Significance of Physiotherapy in Ergonomics

Do you ever feel the tightness in the back, neck, and shoulder muscles or fatigue at the end of a busy day at your office or work from home? It is all because that you keep your head too high or too down, sleep with a pillow or mattress that is not suitable for you, wear high heels, cradle the phone or slouch in the chair, etc. Such ergonomics will reduce your efficiency to work, and it will also disturb the body mechanics. So, physiotherapy will be the best choice. Continue reading to know the benefits of physiotherapy over ergonomics.

Role of physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy will assist in reducing the risk factors by analysing the posture and movements when they are working. During the therapy, the therapist will evaluate the capacity of the person to perform the work via the functional abilities evaluation (FAE) or functional capacity evaluation (FCE). It will compare the health status, structure, and function to the demand of the job. FCE is used to measure strength, fatigue level, postural imbalance, and range of motion.

Ergonomics for children 

Sitting in a good position is one of the best ways to prevent back painIt can be achieved only through the adjustable chair and the table based on the work they do. Here, the experts recommend the chair and table that is at least one-third the height of the person, and the table should be at least one-half the height of the child.

When it comes to the design of the school bag, it should be firm, and the padded and the level of the bag should be adjusted based on the comfort of the child. Also, the straps of the bag should be padded and adjustable. The handle also should be smooth and easy to use.

Ergonomics for the elders 

There are certain principles, and the elders should follow that for sound health in the workplace.

Focus on the position: Set the position of the chair, and this will reduce the stress and strain for the muscles.

Posture changes: Sitting for a long time in the same position will lead to muscle pain. So, there should be some change in position and some frequent simple exercise in between the ling sitting.

Power zone: working in the power zone will highly help in reducing the risk of injuries, and it will also increase productivity.

Light: there should be an adequate amount of light, and this is necessary for sound health.

The bottom line 

Thus, you might have got the significance of physiotherapy in the workplace. These days, everyone is forced to work for a long time. So, there should be enough concern for the health as well. Keep in mind and take things in the right way.