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Chiropractic Therapy, Hamilton

The word “chiropractic” is derived from the Greek words cheir meaning ‘hand’ and praxis meaning ‘practice’. Chiropractic care focuses on the adjustment of one’s spine or, at times, other parts of the body with the aim of correcting the problems of alignment and improving bodily functions. Chiropractic therapy believes in supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Our team of Chiropractors performs manual adjustments or manual manipulations of various body parts, spinal adjustments being at the core of this. They perform the adjustments on one joint at a time by positioning the body appropriately so that the force exerted by them is focused only on the targeted joint and the other joints/body parts are held still. Once the joint “pops” it brings a great sense of lasting relief from the stiffness and pain. The Chiro team also believes and focuses on postural advice, exercise tips, ergonomic training, nutritional and health consultation, strength training, etc.

Chiropractic treatment helps in achieving relief from lower back aches, neck pain, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, musculoskeletal pain, etc. Most adjustments last for about 10 to 20 minutes and are scheduled depending upon the intensity of the physical concern.

Our ultimate aim is to provide non-surgical and non-medicinal methods to relieve pain and promote well-being.