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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, Hamilton

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation is all about improving the quality of life. It helps restore movement and function with the help of physical therapy. This form of treatment can be used by anyone who is affected by injury, illness or disability. At Feel Good Physio & Fitness, our experienced Physiotherapist treats all kinds of ailments right from neck pain to ankle sprain. Our Physiotherapy Rehabilitation treatment method comprise of a few easy to do yet effective exercises, some electrotherapeutic modality, and some lifestyle modification advice. We also provide ergonomic advice for people dealing with occupation induced problems.

We offer the best treatment methods which include:

Pain Reduction

It is done using physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound therapy, moist fomentation, and other electrotherapy devices. Exercises are also advised to ease the joint stiffness and alleviate pain.

Inflammation reduction and trigger point elimination

Cold therapy and a diet comprising of anti-inflammatory properties, as well as some position based exercises are used in this case. Various kinds of joint mobilizations, manipulations, muscle energy techniques, and soft tissue therapies are used effectively against trigger points and muscular ailments.