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Should Knee Clicking be Worrying?

Of course, the clicking, cracking or popping of the knee is really common. In fact, studies show that a vast number of people have knee crepitus. This knee “crepitus” is a medical term for the noisy knees- a Latin word meaning, “to rattle”). One such study in 1990 shows an estimation of over 90% of knees that make a sort of noise.

Source of Knee Crepitus

Crepitus is nothing to be worried about. There are a few different physiological structures that can be a source of crepitus.

  • Synovial Fluid- That lubricates the joints in the body, helping in movement. The gas bubbles build up in the joint and then, there is a pop sound in your knees.
  • Tendons or Ligaments- They might flick over each other causing this discomfort and giving a clicking sensation.
  • Patellofemoral Joint- The knee cap can slide up and down creating a small grating sound leading to a sound in the knee.

What is Crepitus not?

Studies around such issues have shown that people with crepitus tend to modify their behaviors. They end up changing their beliefs about the health concerning the knees. Here are some of the critical facts to remember:

  • Crepitus does not predict the pain or any other future knee function.
  • No evidence suggests that teh crepitus can get worse over time and as the person ages.
  • No evidence exhibits that the crepitus causes arthritis or just wears out the knees.
  • Creptius does not even mean to have “bone to bone” knees.

Your health is important and if you are worried about the knee clicking noise, then you must talk to your healthcare provider. Perhaps, it is just nothing and can be corrected with a little effort from you and your physiotherapist.

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