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Concussion Rehabilitation: An Overview

When the brain is violently shaken, an injury will be caused and it is called a concussion. This condition might happen during the movement changes like whiplash or during the head is directly hit on the solid things. this type of shaking or hitting leads to unpredictable injury to any part of the brain causing immediate or delayed changes in the brain’s functions.

If the state goes to lesser than 10% of concussions, it might lead to loss of consciousness. Depending on the place where the injury is, it can be decided as a temporary or permanent problem and the way of treatment. in places like Hamilton, you can approach the right specialist for concussion rehabilitation.


The symptoms can be subtle and it might not show up immediately after he incident. the signs will start to evolve only after a week or longer. Some common symptoms include severe headaches, loss of memory and lots of confusions.

  • Some physical symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, ringing in the ears.
  • Other symptoms include confusion or feeling as if in the fog, dizzying or seeing stars and amnesia surrounding the traumatic events.
  • Further, other symptoms include temporary loss of consciousness, delayed response to questions, slurred speech, dazed appearance, forgetfulness like repeatedly asking the same question
  • After few days, they can experience concentration and memory complaints, sleep disturbance, irritability and other personality changes, sensitive to light and noise, disorders or taste and smell, psychological adjustment problems and depressions.


When you are suffering from these issues, you have to visit the doctor with the medical history. They will conduct the neurological examination, cognitive testing and imaging tests.

Healing After the Treatment

After the treatment, the recovery will be based on the amount of damaged in the head. If the areas of brain are just injured, but if it is not complete destroyed, the recovery will be like healing from the ankle sprain. The brain needs enough rest until it completely heals. If you allow your ankle to heal and it gets sprained again, it will lead to danger as the ankle will suffer some permanent damage. the same condition is true in case of brain tissues as well. you should consult the doctor and get enough advice on how to take care of the injured person and follow the activities perfectly. The issues might be serious for the people who involve in boxing, judo, football and certain other activities.

The Bottom Line

You might have now got a clear idea on the concussion rehabilitation. Ensure you are opting for the right concussion physical therapy hamilton for the better treatment.