Before you receive any form of treatment, our physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment to diagnose the issue. In order to find the root cause of your pain and discomfort, our experts treat you using whatever techniques they feel will provide the greatest relief and the most accurate answers.

Here are the 6 steps we follow to help you achieve best results at our physiotherapy clinic.

01. Learning Your Body

First and foremost, we must understand your body and correctly identify the source of your injury, condition or discomfort. Then we use the industry’s most cutting edge tools and techniques to alleviate your pain.

02. Flexible Appointment Booking

When an issue arises, it is critical that you receive treatment as quickly as possible. Expediency can mean the difference between an acute injury that is cured and one that becomes chronic. Here at the Life Clinic, we are open 6 days a week and can always book an appointment within 24 hours of your call.

03. A Focus On Pain Relief

No one deserves to live in pain, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive, 8-point pain analysis system that allows us to accurately determine the exact source of your pain. Then we develop a customized plan exclusive to you that focuses on the elimination of pain – at the source!

04. Posture and Exercise

Do you work out on a regular basis? Is your posture fair or poor? These two factors play an important role in the cure and prevention of injuries. Our physiotherapy clinic provides you with professional exercise advice and guidance to help you return to a healthy, active life as quickly as possible.

05. Manual Therapy Techniques

At Life Clinic, we provide hands-on treatment. Our practitioners are experts in the most advanced manual therapy techniques that are used to mobilize your soft tissue, thereby providing you with the greatest level of comfort.

06. Advanced Physiotherapy

We take pride in our facility and in our staff. Each of our practitioners has mastered the true art of the treatment techniques they use and our clinic is equipped with the most technologically advanced tools to provide you with the best physiotherapy service possible.

Not sure where to start? Book your free consultationat our clinic today! During this 15-minute appointment, you will have an opportunity to discuss your case with physiotherapist. He or she will provide you with some information regarding your case along with all of the options available to you. How can we help you? Call us today or book an appointment online now.
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