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Chiropractor in Hamilton

Chiropractor in Hamilton

Charlton Physiotherapy and Chiropractic: Where You’ll Find the Best Chiropractors in Hamilton Ontario

Charlton Physiotherapy is the leading chiropractic treatment clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. We specialize in treating the most common and complex injuries and conditions by providing expert chiropractic service.

We have been proudly serving the Hamilton community for 15 years and are regarded as one of the best chiropractors in Hamilton.

Our experienced chiropractic professionals utilize highly advanced techniques delivering chiropractic treatment to most conditions. This is what has earned us multiple best chiropractor awards and excellent reviews.

What To Expect From Us:

At Charlton Physiotherapy, expect to get only the best chiropractic treatment from the finest chiropractors in Hamilton. You can expect:

  • Customized Treatment Plans: Everyone is different. We are experts at identifying the cause of your pain and developing a plan to fix it
  • Award Winning: Our awards and excellent reviews speak for themselves
  • Expert Therapists: We employ the best chiropractors in Hamilton Ontario to deliver the most effective results
  • Treatment Without Wait: Get the treatment same day or within 24 hours
  • Prevention: We don’t just get you better, we show you how to stay better on your own
  • Car Accident Treatment: Trust expert chiropractors in Hamilton for whiplash injury treatment. We will assist you with paperwork and manage the process
  • Insurance Options: We bill most insurance plans directly

Why We Are Different:

Charlton Physiotherapy is not just your typical chiropractic treatment clinic in Hamilton Ontario. In fact, we are the clinic of choice in the community for reliable and highly effective therapy with an extensive track record of excellent patient customer service.

On your first visit, we will start by performing an extensive whole body assessment followed by a treatment to get a better understanding of your injury or condition. With this information, we can formulate a custom treatment plan that may involve multiple therapies and techniques.

We Believe In Customer Service Excellence

When looking for Chiropractors in Hamilton Ontario, make sure to look for extensive experience and a history of customer satisfaction. Charlton Physiotherapy is an established chiropractic clinic with an excellent reputation.

Don’t let injuries and pain hold you back. Come to Charlton Physiotherapy and get friendly, effective and convenient solutions to your aches and pains. We do more then treat your injury, we’ll assist in handling paperwork, insurance claims, direct billing, and support you through your entire journey.

For the best chiropractic treatment in Hamilton, contact Charlton Physiotherapy today.